Kobe Bryant is Truly One of The Greats

Kobe Bryant is hands down one of the best basketball players to ever grace the NBA. He has broken most records there are to break in the staples center.
When Kobe came into the NBA as a young seventeen year old high school athlete, it was unsure the impact he would make. Soon everyone would know what this young kid could do. As a rookie Bryant entered the NBA dunk contest impressing judges as he flew his way to a NBA Slam Dunk Contest Trophy.
The Slam Dunk Trophy was just the beginning. Bryant would continue his dominance four years later as he teamed up with fellow all star Shaquille O’Neil.  The dynamic duo led the Lakers to a three peat; and are still being debated today, as the best one two punch the NBA had ever seen.
Kobe throughout his career with the Los Angeles Lakers has averaged 25 points a game, 5 rebounds, and 5 assist. Not to mention he is second all time for most points scored in a single game (81). But the stats do not say enough about Bryant. The poise he shows in the most clutch situations is what makes him “Jordan like” if you will. There was no situation or moment where the lights where too bright for Bryant to handle.
As Bryant approaches the latter part of his career, you are seeing him develop into a smarter player; doing things in a veteran manner. After Kobe surpassed Shaquille O’Neil last night vs. the Philadelphia 76er’s you could see a since of accomplishment he had overcome him. As Derek Fisher (the point guard who has been on the same team as Bryant for many of the Lakers Championships) embraced Bryant with an emotional hug, you could see Bryant realize what an amazing career he has had.
As we look at the end of Bryant’s career approaching in the next 3-4 years, it’s time to appreciate the absolute talent and leadership Bryant displays on a regular basis. This is a legend of the game and we as NBA fans are getting to witness it. In twenty years when the next big name hits the NBA we will tell the new age fans “man, he was nothing like Kobe”. 
Zachary James
Talk Sports Media