No Chance for Penn State’s New Head Coach Bill O’Brien

After everything that has been swarming around the Penn State facilities some would think there would be a sense of relief with the new hire of head coach Bill O’Brien. That’s not the case; O’Brien has received far from a warm reception and has generated a media frenzy. With Sandusky going through court and legal battles and Joe pa’ battling his own set of personal and health issues, many thought the new hire would be the first step to putting this dismal season behind the university.

People close to the organization have spoken on Penn State’s new head coaching hire. Most Notably former Penn State linebacker Lavar Arrington, he stated that, “I’m done all my PSU stuff will be down before obriens introduction! We are! No more for me!” With such anger directed at this University, I cannot imagine how Penn State sees they can move forward with recruiting and task that need to be handled before the start of the new season.
This is far more than a football issue; we are dealing with people and their lives. The Penn State head coaching job is too heavy of a burden for any one man to take on. How are you supposed to move forward with the 2012 season when you are still looking back to all the chaos that surfaced this year?
Although Penn State will pick up the pieces and move forward with their football program, I believe the damage is done. Penn State has a long road to travel and it will get worse before it gets better.